Dan Parry Jones painting

For many years Dan’s practice has involved combining photography in the form of screenprinting with painting.

Subject matter has often centred around leisure time, vacations, pools, palms etc, but as time has gone on he has been increasingly drawn to the aesthetics of the image and nature of the materials he uses.

“When I screenprint a photograph that I have taken onto a background of painted abstract shapes and marks the abstract suddenly makes sense; because we assume a photo is ‘real’ this gives a narrative to the painting behind.

When I started painting in this way the screenprint tended to be the final stage of the piece, but In recent work I have explored the process of integrating the photograph with the paint.”

Trips to the mountains of southern Spain and the French Alps and Dan’s love of the American landscape are the inspiration for his current body of work. In his paintings he explores his fascination with the relationship between nature and the man-made, juxtaposing panoramic mountain ranges and palm trees with still pools, modernist buildings and brightly painted walls.

Pastel and acid colours jostle in semi-abstract landscapes with LA vibes, some of which, in a new departure for Dan, feature petrol blue night skies with dashes of vibrant underpainting left visible, like colourful stars. In his recent larger pieces Dan has chosen to go out of his comfort zone with a less predictable palette, using new colour pairings to convey a different mood.

Dan is represented by several galleries: Adam Gallery, Wills Art Warehouse, Josie Eastwood, Gala Fine art, Hancock Gallery, and Sarah Wiseman.

Studio visits in Bristol, UK, are available on request as are video calls if you are interested in a particular work.